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What is the duration, language, and format of Salesforce DEX-450 Exam

  • Passing score 80%
  • There is a time limit of 120 minutes for the exam.
  • The type of questions is Multiple Choice and situation-based questions.
  • Certification Validity period : 3 years.

The validity of the Salesforce DEX-450 certification is three years.

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Salesforce Programmatic Development using Apex and Visualforce in Lightning Experience Sample Questions (Q16-Q21):


Universal Containers stores Orders and Line Items in Salesforce. For security reason, financial representatives are allowed to see information on the Order such as order amount, but they are not allowed to see the Line items on the Order. Which type of relationship should be used?

  • A. Lookup
  • B. Indirect lookup
  • C. Master Detail
  • D. Direct Lookup

Answer: C


How can a developer use a Set<Id> to limit the number of records returned by a SOQL query?

  • A. Pass the query results as an argument in a reference to the Set.containsAll() method.
  • B. Pass the Set as an argument in a reference to the Database.query() method
  • C. Reference the Set in the LIMIT clause of the query
  • D. Reference the Set in the WHERE clause of the query

Answer: D


Which two number expression evaluate correctly? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Decimal D = 3.14159;
  • B. Long I = 3.14159;
  • C. Double D =3.14159;
  • D. Integer I = 3.14159;

Answer: A,C


A developer must provide a custom user interface when users edit a Contact. Users must be able to use the interface in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience. What should the developer do to provide the custom user interface?

  • A. Override the Contact's Edit button with a Visualforce page in Salesforce Classic and a Lightning component in Lightning Experience.
  • B. Override the Contact's Edit button with a Lightning page Salesforce Classic and a Visualforce page in Lightning Experience.
  • C. Override the Contact's Edit button with a Lightning component in Salesforce Classic and a Lightning component in Lightning experience.
  • D. Override the Contact's Edit button with a Visualforce page in Salesforce Classic and a Lightning page in Lightning experience.

Answer: A


What is the result of the following Classes page?

  • A. View the Class test Coverage tab on the Apex Class record.
  • B. View the Code Coverage column in the view on the Apex Classes page.
  • C. Select and run the class on the Apex Test Execution page
  • D. view the overall Code Coverage panel of the tab in the Developer Console.

Answer: A



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